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Hypnotherapy for deep healing and real change


Healing Roots



Healing Roots is a therapeutic practice for those seeking deep and lasting healing from anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, grief, stress and burn-out.


ROOTS represent going DEEP

By tapping into your unconscious mind, we get to the core of your beliefs and personal history, which may lie beyond you conscious awareness or memory. In this deeper level of awareness, you are able to unlock new creative choices. This allows hypnotherapy to do faster and more lasting work than talk therapy. Through the work, you'll find yourself stepping out of old habits and rewiring the neuropathways causing stuck-ness in your life.

HEALING is possible

We believe there is no wound beyond repair.  Using powerful visualizations, you'll start to see what's possible beyond the pain. We'll walk alongside you, guiding you in your healing journey.




Symbols. Metaphors. Meaning. Life lessons hidden in every-day experiences. Stephanie Sattler serves as a guide to unearth those lessons and connect the dots. Her superpower? Visualizations. She guides clients to imagine a brighter future and unlock their potential through tapping into inner resources. 

Stephanie deeply cares for her clients, desiring to see them find healing and wholeness, which she's done for the past 11 years. She is trained in strength-based empowerment, has a Masters Degree in Counseling, and is a certified Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner.


  • Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification

  • Master of Arts in Guidance & Counseling

  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© Interpreter

  • Certified FourSight Instructor

  • Gallup Strengths© Advisor & Facilitator

  • Colossians Way Conflict Mediation Facilitator

  • Certificate in Social Spirituality

Areas of Research:

  • Neuroscience

  • Growth Mindset

  • Birth Preparation/Postpartum Recovery

  • Somatic movement & exercise

  • Transitions/Change Management

Clayton Sattler, Naturalist



Clayton Sattler is brother-in-law to Stephanie and a contract facilitator for our wellness retreats. He has 17 years’ experience in outdoor education & program development. He has a passion for teaching wilderness skills and instilling respect and care for nature.


Clayton sees unique connections between the business sector and the natural world, and engages his participants with a unique perspective on innovative evolution and corporate adaptability. 


  • Trained Wilderness Instructor

  • Ongoing Wilderness Survival Curriculum

  • Advanced Tracking Training

  • Bio-diversity Educator

Areas of Research:

  • Corporate Evolution & Adaptation 

  • Life Transitions

  • Botany

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