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Misty Slopes

Healing & Wellness


Stepping away from the day-to-day can be healing in and of itself. It aids in refocusing and prioritizing your life. With intentional exercises expertly facilitated, both individuals and teams take their power back and retrain their minds - from old ineffective habits into wiser, more creative choices.



Wellness Retreats

Hosting healing retreats twice annually in May and October. Individuals are welcome to join this confidential community seeking healing. Activities include somatic experiencing, yoga, nature walks, guided meditations, art therapy and hypnotherapy.


Yoga Retreat

Science says RELATIONSHIPS matter. Research shows that all that mushy-gushy stuff truly makes a difference in strengthening teams. Contract our highly skilled team to create a personalized group experience that builds relationships, promotes healing, and enhances wellbeing. 


Team Development Workshop

​Facilitated workshops integrating guided meditations to enhance relationships and build teams - all while simultaneously promoting employee wellbeing.

All Hands In

Meditation for Managing Burn-Out

Customized sessions for community groups or work teams, building resilience by utilizing the power of meditation and somatic movement. Reduces stress and emotional exhaustion during times of change.


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