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Services & Pricing

We believe in pricing transparency and accessibility. Discounts applied/rates adjusted according to need.
  • Free Consultation ($50 value)

  • 4 Session Package ($420)

  • 6 Session Package ($630)

  • Add-on Session(s) ($120)

  • Groups & Retreats ($275+ per person)


Free Consultation

Step 1




Step 2                                                   

Fill out an online consultation form. A therapist will reach out to arrange a time to connect.

Connect via phone or Zoom for a 20-min conversation to discuss the process, your goals, determine if hypnotherapy is the right fit, and answer any questions

Hypnotherapy Packages

4-Session Package

A personalized one-on-one hypnotherapy program for individuals. Typically conducted weekly or biweekly over 1-2 months. ($420)

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6-Session Package

A personalized hypnotherapy program designed to go even deeper to provide maximum reinforcement for deeply held beliefs or multiple concerns. Typically weekly or biweekly for 2-3 months. ($630)


All packaged hypnotherapy programs have virtual and in-person options available. Includes a 20-min follow-up phone consult 1 month after completion. Payment due at first session.

Signature Programs

Hypnosis for Soon-to-Be or New Moms

A 3-session, personalized hypnotherapy program for birthing preparation or postpartum recovery and adjustment to motherhood ($350)

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Wellness Retreats

Time away from the day-to-day to reset your nervous system through somatic movement, yoga, guided meditations and nature. ($200-500/person, pending length/location)

Yoga Retreat

Grief Healing Groups

A 3-session, virtually-facilitated  hypnotherapy program for those processing through grief and loss, alongside a community who understands. Sessions run weekly for 1 hour 15 minutes. Includes a one-on-one follow-up consult (20 min). Runs quarterly pending enrollment ($275)

Support Group Session
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