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Pregnancy & Postpartum RECOVERY

According to one study, 55% of birthing women using hypnosis required no medication for pain relief, compared with 22% of women in non-hypnosis groups.


Healing Roots offers customized hypnotherapy packages for expecting and new moms. We help you prepare for your birthing experience using meditations and relaxation techniques that have been proven to reduce pain and promote positive birth outcomes. We work with you as you ready your mind and body for birth, or adjusting to life post-birth.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn about this 3-session package.

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Making Space


There's space in our sessions to acknowledge and accept all your emotions. Hypnotherapy provides a gentle space to process through fears, anxiety, or whatever you are feeling.


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Healing Meditations


Prepare for childbirth by learning relaxation exercises and techniques. We offer guided meditations that help you visualize a joyous birthing experience.

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Adjusting to Change


Postpartum life is a huge adjustment for mom and baby alike. We'll walk with you through this, processing any loss or emotion that needs to be released. We work with you as you find yourself again and your new identity as a mom.


Support & Connection


First-hand experience in birthing and motherhood allows our hypnotherapist to be a truly authentic support. We connect and empathize with your experience. You'll know that you are not alone.


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