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The Science 

What is Hypnotherapy, and How Does it Work?

Hypnosis has been publicly accepted and known for more than 200 years.  Watch this brief, brain-based video to learn the science behind hypnotherapy, and how it works.

Science-backed Research on Hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis has a 93% success rate with fewer sessions than both behavioral and psychotherapy.

  • In a childbirth study, patients given hypnosis reported reduced pain, shorter stage 1 labors, less medication, higher Apgar scores, more frequent spontaneous deliveries than the other group. Some had lower depression scores after birth than the other groups.

  • Hypnotherapy had the same effect as the dietary intervention for alleviating gastrointestinal symptoms. 70%patients improved in quality of life and a range of individual symptoms of IBS.

  • A study of 20 individuals compared the use of self-hypnosis and relaxation therapy in managing anxiety over 28 days. Both groups were shown to have achieved significant reduction in psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety

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